Fresh Out of The Oven - Blaine

Meet sweet little Blaine. 
Blaine's parents were a great referral from Brayden's momma. 
Such a adorable family.
Blaine's daddy plays in a hockey league and is a golf pro 
so the next two were a must. 
Love that little man is giving a shout out to his dad's number! 5!

Sweet. Squeezable. 

This is another favorite "go-to" shot. 
Love the angle and adoration...

Love the light in this one. 
Such a deep thinker...

Belly Button!

Have a sweet night!


Smith Family

I love referrals! They are the greatest. 
They mean you love your images enough to intrust your friends and families images in my hands. 
Referrals are even better when I get to see the person who referred their friends and family to me at the shoot. Which was the case in this very fun large family shoot on Halloween day. Recognize the adorableness to the right? If not (shame on you) click here for their Canton session. Well MaryBeth's, momma of adorableness to the right, mom contacted me to take pictures of her whole family and also of her other daughter's family who had had twins a year ago. 
Turns out we scheduled the session on Halloween day which was the twins actual first birthday. 
Gotta tell you some very wonderful people are born on 
Halloween including these two and one of my best friends, Abby.

Here is the whole family...

Just the twins and their folks. 

Sweet little twin hands...
Donnie :) 
Lana :) 
Grandparents with all their little loves...

Sisters plus three ;)

Just the boys. 
These next two are up there with my favorites. 

Thank you Smith Family!!! 
What a wonderful way to spend Halloween. :)



Lil' Cupcakes - Perry, Eamon and Brom

OH Brother.... these boys are cute! 
Had not the best weather but the best time at their shoot. And they came fully prepared with boots and umbrellas and smiles. 
They each have their own wonderfully unique and adorable personalities that do their very cool names justice. 

big brother ... baby brother
middle owl brother 
This sweet shot was after Eamon sat in the creek..oops.

the whole adorable family
always moving...always curious...

one of my favorites from the day. 


A little Sesame Street magic puppetry for this one.

Thank you sweet boys for a wonderful day! 

Have a SWEET weekend!


Cupcake in Cupkate's Oven!!!

Yep! It's true. It's amazing. It's a huge blessing and an miracle. 
And we are beyond grateful. I am 16 and a half weeks and still reeling. 
Also still not really believing there's a little cupcake in there. Although the baby tries to convince me almost daily with the joys of being physically ill. ;) For which I am strangely thankful.

It was a long and bumpy road and I wouldn't change it one bit. 
Plus we had unbelievable support throughout it all.
If you are dealing with infertility please don't lose faith. 
God is so good and as hard as it is to imagine sometimes He really does have it all figured out. 

"I can live for the moment
When all these clouds open up for me to see
And show me a vision
Of you and me swimming peacefully"